1. Hannah

From the recording Hannah

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Well Hannah we met in the strangest of ways
Early in the morning I was dancing in a daze
Our eyes met, I just couldn't look away
Yes and then you left, Into the darkness of the day

So I went out walking, my heart was filled with gold
The moon in the sky and the night icy cold
I asked all my friends if they knew where I might go
Yes just searching for your name and picking sunflowers by the road

Yes and Hannah your beauty it surpasses the muse
Your eyes of light green yes they're causing me blues
But no words are there so I guess that I lose
I just can't capture your beauty, with the words that I use

Yes and we ate our strawberries out in the sun
Your expression it was timeless, a million to one
But love is so selfish, tell me what have I done
Yes just chasing a chance, that has only just begun